Sunday, January 17, 2010

Love and Marriage....

Just trying to catch things up a bit....

After finding out about the pregnancy I came home to tell Noel and found that he had asked my dad for my hand in marriage. Then came the craziness...... We (my mom and I) basically planned everything in 6 weeks and I wouldn't have EVER had it any other way. I truly don't see nor understand how girls/women/whatever have these extensive engagements that are full of stress and all these incredibly small details. I mean, I guess to each their own... but think about it, with a short engagement you just cut to the point and don't get caught up in everything. Shouldn't the most important detail be that person who is waiting on the other end of the aisle? So many people seem to lose sight of that and I wanted to make sure that I didn't. Maybe it was just the fact of everything that I had going on with the baby.... I was just ready with each step to go by smoothly and quickly. Everything truly did turn out beautiful.

I have always been pretty laid back and simple, so I knew this wedding wasn't going to change me too much. From having one friend stand next to us at the alter (in a chapel) and some simple bundles of irises and yellow roses as my flowers. My favorite part... and I think Pamela's too (the maid of honor).... I walked in to Alfred Angelos and said "I'm trying on two dresses, that is it".... and so it was. My main concern and focus that I really struggled with was the cakes and the food... lol, would you think otherwise? Everything wouldn't have been close to possible without my mom. After all the annoying moments I had fighting about things "I didn't care" about... (which I really could've had a bbq in tshirt and jeans and been great with it).... I realized how my mom really did just want me to have a beautiful event. So thank you mom, I love you!
My bouquet

My sister in law, Lauren, and I before the ceremony.

My Meme and Papa Bohl before the ceremony.

Noel and I at the reception.... oh did I mention that the electricity went out, which included the AC in the middle of August.... nice, I know... but still no complaints, I had a blast.

My dear friend Pamela and I

Noel and his mom dancing.

This is by far my favorite picture. My Meme had a lil too much vino and kept dancing with her scarf all night, it was hysterical. My mom and dad dancing behind her make the picture even more priceless.

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