Monday, May 11, 2009

Time to Catch Up....

Well, it's been quite a while... I think I completely avoided the site for a while after I got so frusturated with my layout, but whatever I'll figure it out one day..... In the meantime here is what has been going on.....

I feel like this whole year is already going by so fast!!! My friend, Sara, already had her wedding which I was so scared I wasn't going to fit into the bridesmaid dress (cause I'm a genius and thought I would be 110% motivated to lose like 40 pounds so I ordered it small)..... well, it did kiiiiinda work out..... except I completely didn't take my bust into consideration. I should've known the girls (Thelma & Louise, cause they obviously get me into trouble and can be a pain!) weren't going anywhere anytime soon. Long story short... I ended up Duct Taping them down so I wouldn't be sacreligous at a wedding ceremony! I have officially learned my lesson that I will order the size I am! And the next strapless dress that somebody suggests (including myself)... I'll raise my hand to point out the slight problem...... Other than that, the wedding was great and everyone had such a good time! With how much went into the wedding, it's nice to see how amazing it all turned out! I am so glad I got to get ready with my girls all day..... Sara's Grammy entertained the hell outta me.... "OH GOSH girls! It sure is windy out there!!!! This is NOT good!".... you would've thought a hurricane was coming... lol.... it was a beautiful day!

Lyndsay and I at the Rehearsal Dinner! Love this girl!!!!!

Here's the new friend of the week, Grace Meeker. She is such a funny kick back gal and I'm so glad that Sara introduced her to all of us! She fit in the bunch perfectly!

Me waiting patiently at the church.... notice how I'm holding the girls up, trying to look appropriate!

All the bridesmaids in the limo...

An amazing picture of Noel and I, thanks to Lyndsay.... such a sweet man!

The Happy Couple, Sara and Randy Hilliard, cutting their cake!

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